Case Study: Kent Denver Schools

Challenge: When Fiber Optics Are Not a Option

Keeping up with the growing bandwidth needs of over 600+ students and 80+ faculty members presents a challenge. Back in June 2010, that is exactly what Kent Denver School faced. Jeremy Lawrence, the school's IT Director, began searching for a solution by contacting different Internet providers and learning what means it would take to bring in their services via fiber optics.

However, as he researched several options, it became apparent that the school's location was nowhere near any fiber optics networks. Terrestrial providers were willing to extend their networks to Kent Denver School, but of course for a cost.

As a result of the extensive build, Jeremy was faced with the possibility of having to spend nearly $90,000 plus hefty monthly fees. This initial expense represented what the fiber optic providers expected Kent Denver School to pay in order to justify the network build. This type of decision could have ultimately delay or even stop their plans to upgrade bandwidth. This is when Jeremy turned to MHO for help.

One of MHO's key advantages is being able to provide high speed bandwidth to locations where fiber optics solutions are not viable options. Compared to traditional terrestrial providers whose networks have geographic limitations and high installation fees, MHO differs by providing the high speed bandwidth in hard-to-reach locations at a fraction of the installation costs.

Kent Denver decided to move forward with a 50 Mbps Internet connection. It took MHO just under two weeks to install their entire circuit. As compared to several other terrestrial providers Jeremy had considered, MHO provided the bandwidth solution the school needed while also saving them a significant amount of money on both installation fees and reoccurring monthly charges.

Jeremy Lawrence - IT Director

Kent Denver School

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