What Our Customers Have to Say

“ MHO Networks has exceeded my expectations. They have an outstanding way of doing business that is informal on the front end and really makes for a great business relationship. The service they have delivered to Regis University has been absolutely reliable and without any issues.”

Chuck Steigerwalt
Regis University

“The wireless link provided to Norgren by MHO is so reliable it has become a mission critical pipe for our data network. The support, reliability and performance of MHO’s offering are proving to be better or equal to fiber/copper solutions from leading LECS. MHO’s wireless services will continue to be leveraged as a strategic solution to Norgren’s growing network.”

Chris Bischoff, Sr. Manager
Global Network & Telecommunications.

I love MHO Networks” and here are a few of the reasons: Easy to work with, including sales, engineering and support groups, Got the bill correct on the first cycle, Took care of all technical details, No outages, the radio is great, Very few cycles of IT time required to manage contract and service

Dan Park
Advanced Systems Group

“MHO has been exceptional to deal with, both on the customer service side as well as the support side. When we were looking for a solution to tie several properties and vendors together, MHO worked with us to provide the perfect solution. The low latency on their network, supports our VoIP customer's extremely well. I would recommend MHO and will continue to use them as we grow our business.”

Jon Bartlett
Cardinal Broadband

“We are thrilled with our wireless internet service from MHO. As an organization, they are responsive and customer-focused and very personable. Installation was fast, within days. They deliver on their SLA, the speed is top-notch, and in two years, the weather has not affected our service. MHO came highly recommended when we outgrew our T1 lines, needed more bandwidth, and discovered that fiber would be cost-prohibitive to bring to our location. Initially, we were hesitant to trust our business-critical data to a wireless-based service. But once we saw the SLAs and did our research, we were sold. We realized that MHO is different than any other wireless data service company out there, and that their quality of service is equal to or superior to fiber. And since the installation two years ago, we have been consistently impressed with MHO. We highly recommend it to others and definitely plan to review with them. ”

Jeremey Lawrence
Director of Network and Communications
Kent Denver School

“MHO provides top-notch data services to Still Secure. From the provision process (simple and straight forward), to the blazing fast installation, to the high quality service, to the customer care, they have exceeded our expectations.

They are simple to do business with, and super responsive. We appreciate that we don't have to deal with the chaos of a handoff between carriers. The quality of the connection is solid and exactly as promised. We tested the bandwidth and thought, "Wow, very low latency and speeds exactly as discussed."

Being a Colorado company, we get some pretty strong weather. But we have had no problems with wind, snow, etc. We have had no problems at all, no bumps and no adjustments needed. Outstanding service!

Not only are we highly satisfied with our MHO experience, we are also pleased that we can scale up very quickly. We appreciate the speed and responsiveness of MHO and have leveraged it to meet changing business requirements.”

John Curry

“We initially bought our 50 Mbps MHO connection to provide redundancy and eliminate our "backhoe problem". We felt true diversity can only be accomplished through a non-terrestrial service. We have been very pleased with the service. Installation was fast and easy: 2 weeks as opposed to 6-8 weeks with fiber.

MHO's wireless data service has proven so reliable and the latency is so low that we no longer consider it our secondary connection. Now we use both our terrestrial and our wireless connection equally for daily operations.We have confidence in MHO's reliability, the service has lived up to its SLAs, and we would use MHO again. ”

Vince Larson
Clear Choice

“We’ve been very impressed with MHO’s level of service and flexibility to meet our needs. I personally can’t thank you and your team enough for this solid solution.”

Jonathan Paykoc
Mercury Payment Systems

“We have had MHO as our primary Internet service provider now for almost a year and we have been extremely pleased with it. There have been no downtimes, the speed has always been constant, and everything has been working just great.”

Joseph Dent
American Animal Hospital Association

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