Data Center

MHO teams with Data Centers to deliver Data Solutions in situations where 1) fiber isn't viable, 2) true diversity is required, or when 3) fast, guaranteed installation is needed. Data Centers that partner with MHO can drastically expand their potential customer base, and increase customer satisfaction across the board. This creates a competitive advantage that sets you apart from other Data Centers.

Access to quickly installed, secure, and reliable data connections can be key components to delivering Data Center Solutions to your customers. True diversity is another key component, especially when disaster recovery and business continuity are desired.

MHO offers your customers:

  • - The alternative when fiber is not a viable option
  • - Up to (10 business days) install when fast installation is important
  • - True diversity for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • - Guaranteed network performance, and availability of 99.99%.
  • - Low latency to successfully run latency-sensitive applications
  • - Outstanding customer support and customer satisfaction

MHO offers Data Centers:

  • - Don't lose a customer due to data access issues; you don't want to worry about the pipe, you want to focus on the best data center solutions for your customer.
  • - Increased customer satisfaction due to quick and guaranteed install
  • - Expand and augment your offerings to include true diversity solutions
  • - Outstanding pre and post sales support, allowing you to focus on your business

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