It’s important that your business data solutions provider understands the nuances of your business and the challenges that you face.

MHO Networks works with you to understand your business and develop flexible solutions that meet your unique business needs. Our high-quality Internet and Ethernet services and our industry knowledge provide you with a dependable, one-stop resource for your network communications.

As a trusted provider to companies across many of the largest industry sectors, including financial institutions, government, hospitality, and healthcare systems, we take the time to learn about your business and its challenges, and then provide ideas on solutions that can help you:

  • - Increase business performance and agility
  • - Improve the performance of your IT infrastructure and networks
  • - Become operational in days, versus weeks or months
  • - Implement a truly diverse solution to ensure your mission-criticial applications are up and running.

"The wireless link provided to Norgren by MHO is so reliable it has become a mission-critical pipe for our data network. The support, reliability and performance of MHO’s offering are proving to be better or equal to fiber/copper solutions from leading LECS. MHO’s wireless services will continue to be leveraged as a strategic solution to Norgren’s growing network."

Chris Bischoff, Sr. Manager
Global Network & Telecommunications

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