More than ever, governments are challenged to provide more efficient services with fewer resources, while ensuring the security of the data they provide. MHO is experienced in supporting the network communications of government organizations, enabling public agencies of all sizes and missions to meet the challenge of bringing effective services to their constituents.

We help government organizations meet the demands of their citizens by providing cost-efficient and reliable data solutions. Whether your agency needs a diverse path or needs a private path between two or more locations, our Dedicated Internet or Metro Ethernet solutions are a perfect fit. Our Data Solutions offer:

  • - True Diversity to ensure your mission-critical applications are always available. Using point-to-point microwave is the best form of diversity to any fiber connection.
  • - Guaranteed Reliability to support critical response times to your operations.
  • - High-performance Private Networks to securely connect locations or provide access to applications that have historically been managed on-premises but are now available off-premises — or "in the cloud".
  • - Scalable Bandwidth to provide efficient and cost-effective data transmissions by offering more bandwidth when you need it.

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