Health Care

Health Care

At MHO, we are committed to offering solutions to healthcare providers that support efficient and cost-effective patient care. We understand that you need real-time access to patient information, not only to provide a seamless transition of patient records and test results, medical images, or monitoring reports between medical offices, but also to help reduce the time in which your patients are treated and the expenses incurred.

MHO can help you meet the ever-changing demands of the Healthcare IT industry. Our private Metro Ethernet and Dedicated Internet solutions allow for better security, visibility, and performance. If you share medical data, images or patient records, or use bandwidth-intensive applications like tele-radiology, EMRs, and PACS, we have the healthcare data solutions you need. Our Data Solutions offer:

  • - True Diversity to ensure your mission-critical applications are always available. Using point-to-point microwave is the best form of diversity to any fiber connection.
  • - Guaranteed Reliability to support critical response times to your operations.
  • - High-performance Private Networks to securely connect locations or provide access to applications that have historically been managed on-premises but are now available off-premises — or "in the cloud".

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