Fast Install

Our Installation Process

When your business can't afford to wait several weeks or months for connectivity, MHO can install the data solution that is right for you in a matter of days: Dedicated Internet or Metro Ethernet (or both!). We guarantee that within 10 business days after securing roof rights, your service will be up and running.

MHO does need roof rights prior to installation, but this is typically an easy process, and most landlords are very accomodating. After we secure roof rights:

  • 1. We place the equipment on the roof, and then our technician pulls coax cable down through roof penetration to a common phone closet or server room.
  • 2. We install the indoor unit (IDU) either via rack mount or wall mount and plug it into standard house power that you provide.
  • 3. You can then run cabling from the IDU to your switch/router using standard Cat5/6 cabling.
  • 4. We test the circuit to ensure it's up and running.
  • 5. We hand the live circuit off to you.

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