Fiber Not Viable

What If Traditional Fiber Options Are Not Viable?

There are many reasons the market may dictate that traditional options like fiber and Ethernet over Copper (EoC) aren't viable:

  • - Fiber is an option, but the actual build-out to your location is cost-prohibitive.
  • - Fiber is an option, but you can't wait 90-180 days (if not longer) for the fiber build-out to your location.
  • - You simply can't get a fiber or Ethernet over Copper build-out in your area.

MHO's Data Solutions can solve this problem for your business. We own and exclusively operate a fully-meshed wireless Ethernet network with a Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core, built on a backbone of carrier-class, point-to-point wireless microwave technology. This combination enables us to provide service to almost anywhere within our network footprint.

Compared to traditional terrestrial providers whose networks have geographic limitations and potentially high installation fees, MHO provides high-speed bandwidth in hard-to-reach locations at a fraction of the installation costs. Additionally, our service is more incident-resistant than fiber and is not affected by inclement weather or construction.

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